Let’s clear the air

Most kitchens have an extractor hood above the hob, fitted or chimney style. They have filters that collect the grease whilst cooking. These filters need either replacing or cleaning depending on the type and frequency of how much cooking is done on the hob.

We carry replacement paper filters and we replace these types of filter as part of our clean.

Metal filters are cleaned in our dip tank in the rear of the van.

We do not carry replacement carbon or aluminium filters but can arrange to order the correct one for your extractor for you if needed.

Kitchen extractor fan cleaning can be a very sticky, unpleasant and difficult task.

It’s a dirty job! – Why do it yourself?

Benefits of an Extractor Fan Clean

If your cooker hood is blocked up with dirt and grease, it cannot remove cooking odours and grease to the best of its ability. Cleaning your hood means that the extractor fan can work the way it is meant to which in turn helps to keep your kitchen clean.

Does your filter need replacing?

All of our Operatives carry replacement paper extractor filters and also replacement bulbs.

If you require additional or specialist spares, let us know when you book your appointment or let our Operative know when he visits and we can order the part for you, or recommend a reputable supplier.

If you let your extractor hood get greasy it can make your kitchen look and smell unpleasant and as it is above a heat source it could also be a potential fire hazard. Keeping your extractor hood clean and grease free will make your kitchen look cleaner and smell fresher. Some customers make the mistake of thinking that because they don’t use it much it’s not worth cleaning. It is still gets dirty and very greasy cooker hoods can become a fire hazard.