A whiter shade of pale

We all rely on our white goods for every day life now, but how often do we clean them properly? Do you ever find yourself looking in the fridge and thinking ‘I really must clean that!’, but with the prospect of actually doing it something else always becomes more important.

Let us take away that time consuming job and give all your white goods the thorough clean they deserve, so that they not only look clean but also work more efficiently.


Dishwashers clean themselves inside but not the rim and door edges.

We steam clean these for you, clean the filter, top up the salt and rinse aid and at the end flush through a degreaser and descaler to ensure all pipes and outlets are also clean.

The cost for this service is just £35 + vat

No more defrosting or ice-scraping


  • Ice build up increases energy consumption.
  • Some bacteria survive in very cold conditions.
  • Fridges & freezers, like ovens, are considered a hassle to clean.

Our service:

  • We will store your food in insulated cool bags to keep cool or frozen, plus protected, whilst cleaning.
  • Freezers will be ice and frost free without the need to turn off the day before.
  • We put down absorbent matting to ensure you are left with no puddles or mess.

Fridges and freezers need regular cleaning just like ovens, so why not have them professionally cleaned and bring them back to glory at the same time as your oven.

We charge £50.00 to £75.00 plus vat, depending on the size of your appliance.

Fridge Cleaning & Freezer Cleaning

Washing Machines

We clean the door and around the seal.

We remove the soap drawer and clean this plus the cavity it fits into.

We remove the filter to clean plus the cavity around

We run a descaler through a short cycle to ensure all pipes and outlets are cleared

We run a washing machine cleaner which contains a degreaser and freshener to ensure

The full machine is thoroughly cleaned and your future wash loads come out clean and fresh.

Our price is £35.00 + vat for this service

If your tumble dryer is a condenser dryer we remove the water bottle and empty it.

We clean the door and around the seal

We empty and clean the filter and area around

Our price is £30.00 + vat for this service

Tumble Dryers