Started in 1998 by husband and wife team

Robert and Karen Davis, initially running the business from home whilst raising their 3 young children, started the businesses when there was no-one else offering such a service. As a new enterprise to start with it was necessary to advise people of the idea of having your oven cleaned. Many people were using ironing services and other domestic help services but oven cleaning was a new concept. How things have changed.

The business grew quickly and has continued to grow successfully due to our emphasis on high standards and excellent customer care.

Whilst franchises established themselves, we decided not to go down this route, instead to remain an independent company where we ourselves continue to manage the business and monitor our standards and customer service.

We have trained over a hundred individuals around the country and internationally, to start up their own oven cleaning businesses. This is because we believe in people, small enterprise and we also believe we have the best oven cleaning system available.

All our staff are employees, fully trained and insured.

We look after our staff so that they look after you.

It’s a dirty job! – Why do it yourself?