Cleaning AGA’s & Rayburns in Surrey, Hampshire, W. Sussex & S.W. London since 1998

We clean all the outside of your AGA including hotplates and lids, with care, using a non-caustic cleaner, plus the inside of the oven doors and oven surrounds.  The inside of the ovens are swept out and where necessary cleaned using a wire brush.

All shelves and trays are cleaned in our purpose built tank in the back of our van.

Cleaning an AGA takes 2-4 hours depending on size.


  • 2 oven AGA £85 + vat
  • 3 oven AGA £90 + vat
  • 4 oven AGA £100 + vat
  • AGA Module £55 + vat

AGA2The AGA needs to be cool to touch for cleaning so needs to be turned off the night before we visit.

It is safe to turn the AGA back on as soon as we  have finished and once hot ready for you start cooking.

We are happy to re-enamel scratches and chips for you using AGA re-enamelling kits.

Using our AGA cleaning service will keep your AGA looking as it should, an important member of your kitchen.

You won’t find better prices or standards because we take pride in making sure every customer is satisfied.