Get a fix on it

Inspection or repair work on your electrical oven or cooker, can be carried out by our engineer Gary, alongside having your oven cleaned or independently.

Our Engineer’s charge is £78.00 plus the cost of any parts.

We do not carry out any gas repairs.

Oven door repairs

If the glass in your oven door has become loose or isn’t sitting properly within the frame, we can repair this for you. This happens when the adhesive that was once holding the glass in place has, over time, broken down and is no longer holding the glass in place.

Your door will be taken away and repaired in our workshop.

Our Engineer will strip the door down, clean it, then apply a special high temperature silicone.

As the silicone bonding needs to set this takes approximately one week.

The price to repair the door is £55.00

If the oven door is not closing properly or is no longer sitting correctly in it’s sockets, then it is most likely the door hinges need replacing. These can usually be fitted during a visit.