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Are there dangerous fumes or does it smell?

No, we only use non-caustic and non-toxic products in your home, which are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. There are no fumes or odours.

Are there any extra charges that need to be paid?

Parking charges and congestion zone charges will be payable by the customer, if applicable. There are no other additional charges.

Are there any parts of the oven you don’t clean ?

We clean all of the oven including the oven door.

If you have liners in your oven, these are removed and we clean behind them.

If you have a grill element at the top of your oven which drops down we can reach the roof of your oven to clean it, however, if it does not drop down, we will clean above it as best we can, however, as we will not do anything which is likely to cause damage and the element requires care, we may not be able to fully clean above it.  In these circumstances after cleaning we advise you turn you grill on high for 20 minutes to burn off any remaining grease.  Our Operative will go through this with you.

Are you fully insured ?

We have full insurance cover, though we are proud to say we have never needed to use it as all our Operatives are fully trained and take the utmost amount of care with your appliance and your home.

Are your Operatives trustworthy?

All our Operatives are trained. We are registered with the Trading Standard’s ‘Buy With Confidence’ scheme for your reassurance. Our Staff are polite, helpful and trustworthy, if you find them to be any different please let us know immediately and it will be dealt with as a matter of urgency.

Can you clean 'self-cleaning' ovens ?

All ovens get dirty and need cleaning. We won’t use our cleaning paste on your ‘stay clean liners’ but we will clean them and if they are removable we will remove them and clean behind them.

Do you clean the glass doors?

Yes, We clean both inside and outside of the doors, including in between the glass panels, unless it is a sealed unit.

We remove the door and separate the panes to enable us to thoroughly clean each part.

Do you clean Stainless Steel?

We clean all types of cookers and ovens. Stainless steel appliances we use a polish afterwards to bring it back to its full shine and glory.

Do your Operatives carry spares?

Our Operatives all carry replacement bulbs and extractor filters. We stopped supplying other universal parts as we found them to have a poor longevity for the same price as the correct parts. Instead we offer to help you replace any other parts with the correct one for your appliance.

We also have our own Electrical Cooker Engineer who can diagnose faults and order any parts for your oven or cooker and fit them for you. 

We do not carry out any gas repairs.

Do you protect the floor?

Yes we put sheets down to protect your floor and to collect any dirt which may fall to the floor in the cleaning process. Our Operatives will also fully clean up after they have finished cleaning.

Does the oven need to be turned on to be cleaned?

We clean the oven when it is cold so we do not need any power to the oven to clean it, which means we can clean it if it is not in the kitchen. However, we will not be able to check if the appliance or oven bulb are working without power.

We can clean appliances which are not in the house, such as in the garage, however we do require light and access to water to carry out the clean.  We are only able to carry out cleans in garages during the colder months if the garage is heated.

How long have you been operating?

We were established and started operating in 1998, when we could find no-one else offering such a service. We are the longest established, largest and most successful independent oven cleaning company in the U.K.

How long will the cleaning take?

From 1 hour for a single oven, up to 3 hours for a large Range cooker or AGA. A standard freestanding cooker, or double oven plus hob, will take 2 hours to clean.

How soon can I use my oven after the clean?

Immediately because we don’t use any chemicals. Your oven is ready for you to use as soon as our Operative walks out the door.

How often will my oven need professionally cleaning ?

This depends on how often the oven is used and what is cooked in it. An oven that is regularly used will need more regular visits than an oven that is used once a week or only to cook ‘ready meals’. We recommend a clean every 6 months but you may find that yearly is enough or if you have a large family or regular dinner parties, you may need us more often. We will remind you 6 months after our visit, but it is up to you to decide. We will be happy to accommodate our next visit to suit you.

How do I book an appointment ?

Just call or send an email and we will find a date and time to suit you. Our superb booking system allows us to see exactly what available appointments each Operative has as far in advance as you would like to book.

Will you need to use my sink?

We do not carry out any cleaning in your sink, all shelves, trays, etc. are cleaned in our dip tank in the rear of our vehicle. We do rinse out the sponges we use to clean the oven and if this is o.k. with you, we will do this in your sink, however, we can use a small bucket of water if you would prefer.

What areas do you cover?

We cover Surrey, Hampshire, W. Sussex, S.W. London, parts of Middlesex and Berkshire (the M3 corridor,) Central and West London.

What other appliances do you clean?

We clean all types of ovens and cookers, including Ranges and AGA’s, plus hobs, cooker hoods, splashbacks, microwaves, combination ovens, BBQ’s, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all types of payment except American Express, on completion of the work. You can pay our Operative cash or cheque or our Operative or yourself can phone the office whilst our Operative is with you and pay by debit or credit card. If you prefer to pay by BACS we can provide you with our bank details. If you are not home when we visit or you are making the booking on behalf of a business or tenancy, we can invoice you for payment.

Why do some companies refer to valeting instead of oven cleaning, and is there a difference?

No, they are both exactly the same thing. Some companies might like to use different names to describe different levels of service they offer. We only believe in offering a full service, where every part of your oven is cleaned to the highest standard. With The Oven Cleaning Company, there is no tiered cleaning system with different prices, just a 5* + service, for one fair price.

Why should I get someone else to clean my oven?

It’s a dirty job, why do it yourself? Cleaning your oven is one of the most hated chores, it’s difficult and time consuming, and ‘off the shelf’ cleaning products contain unpleasant chemicals which are harmful to both your oven and yourself.

Why should I use The Oven Cleaning Company for my oven cleaning ?

As one of the longest established companies, we offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in oven cleaning. We believe we have the most effective and safe cleaning system available. You won’t find a better service, value or aftercare from anyone else.